QUINTIN OLIVER'S Ten Commandments of Referendums * 1. Referendums are not elections - there are no candidates and no posts to win, and although parties are involved, they and the voters are addressing an issue; campaigners must ‘unlearn’ their election campaigning instincts. First mover advantage often goes to those who successfully ‘frame’ the terms of debate. Think Brexi...


A writer-director’s fascination with the beautifully ambiguous culture of Louroujina By Alkin Emirali * Louroujina, Lurucina or Akincilar, just some of the names of the formerly mixed village, and the most southerly village in northern Cyprus. I’m sure there are those who would insist on one or other of the names for partisan reasons, I have chosen to use Louroujina; it appea...


Dear friends, dear all, As Join2Media team, we would like to welcome each and every one of you into our media collaboration platform! A platform, which strives to connect not only media professionals and amateurs and Community Media broadcasters, but also activists, artists, students, the youth, NGOs and the Civil Society, grassroots movements and individuals.


Between time

I look at my watch and the time is 5 or maybe 6.i am late for something or I maybe early for it at the same time. The rabbit with the top hut just passed me by in a hurry on the way to his wormhole. I am a beagle and my passion is to chase rabbits, so down the hole we go. He opens a door and we come out in a place with neglected roads i...