Between time

I look at my watch and the time is 5 or maybe 6.i am late for something or I maybe early for it at the same time. The rabbit with the top hut just passed me by in a hurry on the way to his wormhole. I am a beagle and my passion is to chase rabbits, so down the hole we go. He opens a door and we come out in a place with neglected roads infested with weeds and crumpling down houses with no doors or windows. I look at my watch and it reads 00.00. This is the place I have heard from the elders where time stands still, the stuff of legends.  

By now the rabbit in the top hut was making coffee and murmuring to himself. “In the north it is 6 o’ clock and in the south it is 5 o’ clock but here time doesn’t exist”.

I sit next to him mesmerized by the fire when footsteps were heard and the bushes in front of us were seen shaking.

”Hallo my friends” said a donkey wearing a sea captains hut

“My name is Sir and I am the guardian of this place”. Quickly, explaining what he meant by that.”I am waiting for time to come back to this place.”

A donkey, a beagle and a rabbit having coffee in no man’s land, that is interesting i contemplated.

‘Who made you guardian?” I found myself asking while handing over a cup of coffee.   

“No one”, came the reply.

“ No one? What do you mean no one?” Asked a rather anxious rabbit.” Well, I am self appointed” stated Sir with a proud hint in his voice.

“At first I attempted to escape this place but I could never decide when to leave. When there is no time it is rather difficult to make travel arrangements. I decide to stay because I couldn’t leave.”

“That is not any more absurd than walking 10 steps north from here the time is 6 and walking 10 steps from here south the time is 5.” remarked the rabbit.

Two figures emerged from the darkness and as they moved nearer to the burning fire their scruffy appearance became more apparent with every step.

“Welcome fellow travelers.” Sir greeted them.

“I am Vladimir and he is Estragon” one of the two introduced themselves.

       “How did you end up here?” asked the rabbit with the tall hat.

“We were waiting for Godot but he never showed up. So we decided to move on.” Estragon concluded.

“Join us for some coffee”. Sir suggested.

As the new arrivals were settling down to enjoy their coffee I could feel the long and peculiar day taking its toll on my senses. I could hear in the distance a voice reciting the lyrics of a familiar song which as a lullaby was making my eyelids heavy.

“Welcome to the hotel California, you can check out anytime but you can never leave…”

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