As Join2Media team, we had an interview with Turkish Cypriot Dieticians Association and we prepared an article about Cyprus Turkish Dieticians Association and their projects. Having emphasized the importance given to child nutrition and the activities carried out in this regard, Hidayet Ağören pointed out that children are our future and that it is important to gain adequate and balanced nutrition habits to raise healthy generations.

Could you tell us a bit about your association and its activities?

The Turkish Cypriot Dieticians Association was founded in 2006 with a team of 15 founding members. From the date it was founded, our basic aim was to make our people aware of adequate and balanced nutrition and therefore to prevent or reduce many diseases that may be caused by malnutrition. Considering that the eating habits have been gained from early ages, many trainings and brochures have been planned and performed especially for children in the elementary school age. Many peoples were educated in the villages as well as large cities and studies were carried out. The continuity of the training is very important, so our trainings continue in parallel with the different activities. In addition, many seminars and in-service trainings were held for our colleagues.

What kind of activities did you achieve through the small grant scheme you earned in the Raise Your Voice Advocate Yout Rights Project, and what were the additional benefits you achieved?

Lately, our people mostly prefer to learn something by following the social media. For this reason, we also made two public spot videosrelated to the children’ nutritions, one of them has published on TV and the other on Facebook. These will also be shared on our web site which has recently entered service.


What are your plans in terms of creating awareness in the forthcoming periods, as well as other activities?

Especially we plan to continue broadcasting via social media and TV channels. We will now be printing a poster about the children and school canteens and we are aiming to encourage families to question school’ canteens. In addition, the education program we have prepared for giving to the school family associations in 5 major regions related to this subject has been approved and the trainings will start in February. Obesity courses and carbohydrate counting courses are planned for colleagues in the recent past.

Do you have a message that you would like to emphasize for the community through Join2Media?

In terms of nutrition, please get information only from a dietitian and especially follow your children’s eating habits and what they have consumed in school. Our children are our future, and in order to raise healthy generations, we should get our children to adopt enough and balanced nutrition habits.