Dear friends, dear all,

As Join2Media team, we would like to welcome each and every one of you into our media collaboration platform! A platform, which strives to connect not only media professionals and amateurs and Community Media broadcasters, but also activists, artists, students, the youth, NGOs and the Civil Society, grassroots movements and individuals.

In our platform, we will present views, stories, news and activities of anyone who is usually not given the chance to do so in mainstream media. Hence, Community Media empowers and provides a “voice to the voiceless”.

Our job does not finish with a written and a published article, a story, or a video. Not at all. After all, “Community Media is more about Community and less about Media”. Around and within J2M, we want to involve and embed all of you. We want a lasting relationship, based on democratic participation, the freedom of speech, the right to speak and the right to be listened. At the same time, respecting and honouring the responsibility, to let others speak and be listened. We view democracy and democratic discourse, not only from the perspective of a majority reaching (democratically) an executive decision: Letting and empowering all voices and arguments to be heard, presenting and giving the opportunity for many stories and perspectives to be listened, for us democracy means participation, pluralism, diversity and openness. On these values, trust, friendship and recognition of our common space – be this case, the media, you – we build a community, which comes first. “Community Media is more about Community and Less about Media”.

We are open to your ideas, projects, suggestions and actions that benefit the community. We need media, the media skills and a community/ies of people (be that your neighbourhood, be your special interest, be your arts, be your life cause for the betterment of the society, be your gender or identity) in order to get those messages out.

We are friendly and as we said earlier, our mission does not end in just writing a story about you – or you providing us with your content: If you have an event, a project, a story, an idea, an ongoing action which benefits the society, then let’s work together; let us give you support and connections; let’s meet and see the bigger picture; connect you with journalists, with creative people, with amateurs and professionals; possibilities are endless and we are only a message away.

Let us get something straight, we are not competing with anyone: neither with the established mainstream mass media, neither with other community media outlets (no way!), neither with people and organizations “we don’t know”, neither for ads, funding etc etc. On the contrary, we also want to work with the mainstream media, because we offer an alternative perspective they can use; we offer a connection and fixing with civil society actors; insight into groups, social issues and circumstances which mainstream media cannot reach, nor have ample knowledge about; training and support for good mass media work, along with our best intended critique – of course!

Even before the J2M website was established, we have already worked with, supported and built connections and even projects and actions with grassroots movements, artists, individuals, the youth, NGOs and other community media and professional media groups.

Can’t find yourself in all of the above? Maybe you are though 🙂 Come and talk to us, we are open to suggestions – and to you! Sharing is caring.

All the best and keep it up!

With love, in community spirit and respect,

All the J2M team and friends (hopefully, soon, you too!)


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